The Jazz Trio is available with other combinations. This includes: Sax / Clarinet / Trumpet with Banjo & Sousaphone.

For the big occasion the trio can augment to quartet or quintet.

The Trio & Band have a huge reportoire including: Latin, Standards, Instrumentals, Novelty Songs, Country, Dixie, Trad, Blues Numbers.

GMTV with Nora Batty and Chris Tarrant
Whitbread Promotion
Gaslight Trio on Breakfast TV with Chris Tarrant and Nora Batty in Scarborough, Live Broadcast.
Gaslight 5 Piece Band Brewery Promotion.


Tony Ricks

Tony Ricks - Soloist

Tony is a multi talented musician vocalist .He began his musical career at age of 7 playing drums going on to work as a freelance drummer backing cabarets and working with a huge variety of bands and artistes.

He began to take up guitar and bass and later the plectrum banjo. Tony is a virtuoso banjoist and has featured in his own Gaslight Trio and a soloist. He has toured with many bands and shows guest and soloist including the boyfriend show, Clive Baldwin worlds best Al Jolson tribute band as the guest soloist on banjo with the Hull Symphony Orchestra. Six months contract in Londons City and West End venues with entertainment giant London Entertains.

Tony is resident entertainer at the Boston Hotel in Scarborough and has appeared at the hotel twice a week since 1989 playing a huge variety of music on banjo, guitar and vocals.